Since 2003, we have supported our clients in the acquisition and communication of their data, often from the most remote and challenging environments.

We know that your data is important, and how maintaining a real-time understanding of your estate and equipment is essential so you can provide the highest levels of service to your customers and clients.


From the initial survey and design, through to the final installation and onward servicing, our expert team provides an end to end solution to all of your data and telemetry needs. Our services include:

  • Site Survey
  • System Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Component Supply
  • Installation
  • Commission
  • Service & Repair

We also provide maintenance and repair services to a large variety of electronic equipment and components including PH Meters, UPS, Chart Recorders and many other types of telemetry and data-logging products.


M40 Alpha.png

We are the exclusive manufacturer's of Multiform's own ultra reliable M40 telemetry units.


In addition, we are your single point of contact to supply a variety of items including a vast range of batteries, from standard sealed lead acid units to the most advanced, complex and customer specific units on the market. 

We can take care of all or your component needs, regardless of quantities and specifications, be them hard to source, out of production, or obsolete, affording your existing equipment the maximum possible serviceable lifetime.